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Nak singles


The Nak singles and answers Nak singles below cover the most Nak singles problems to Nak singles large extent.

Why is there still my old picture though I deleted it? Is payment per Nak singles really safe? All payments are transferred to our certified partner Micropayment. The payment forms use SSL. For further information please see: Why dist my picture not online yet? All pics will be checked for seriosity and quality before being published manually by the administrator.

Nak singles do I have Nak singles use a pseudonym? All members of nak-singles use pseudonyms to protect their privacy. So you should not give Nak Nak singles too private details when choosing your pseudonym. Why Nak singles my Nak singles limit reached? Flirt messages count as normal messages. During this time your message limit is exceeded if you have sent any messages as premium member during the last 24 hours.

Safer surfing - how do I get Mozilla Firefox? In particular older versions make troubles displaying websites correctly. So we recommend using Mozillas Firefox. If you want to use Firefox instead of IE, go to the download pages of Mozilla. On company computers you may not be Nak singles to install Firefox. Ask your administrator, Nak singles should be wise enough to allow Nak singles installation and might even assist you.

Why does the system not recognize my postal code? Our postal code database Nak Nak singles very voluminous. Yet not Nak singles place in Germany is covered.

It may also occur in foreign countries that there are no comparable postal Nak singles or there is no according data available to us. Problems often occur in large cities Nak singles Berlin where the postal codes range from to Please just enter a similar postal code in you basic information Nak singles safe it once. Why do I not receive an email although I have requested my password? There the inbox could be full. Please keep in mind that retrieving your mail through Outlook, Thunderbird or similar programs does not necessarily empty Nak singles mailbox with the webmailer!

Especially when using several email addresses at the same time it is easy to get confused Nak singles. I forgot my password - what can I do? Click on the button "Request new password? A new password will be sent to that email address momentarily. I forgot my Pseudonym - what can I do? Click on the button "Forgot pseudonym?

The existing pseudonym will be sent to that email address momentarily. Can I change my pseudonym? Due to technical reasons this is not possible. The pseudonym is a fix component of the dataset Nak singles serves as your customer ID.

IOt is Nak singles to print out your anwers to the questions first so that you Nak singles enter them quickly afterwards and recreate your profile. My account has been blocked despite of correct log-in data - what can I do? Aoarently you have been blocked by the system.

Please contact the administrator via the contact form. What does the error message "A pop-up has been Nak singles You need to have the function Nak singles pop-ups" in your browser in order to use all services.

Will I be completely deleted automatically after my premium membershi expires?

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No, after your premium membership expires your account will be automatically set back to Nak singles standard Nak singles. Premium functions will no longer be available to you. However you can upgrade to a premium membership again at any time.

Do I have to log-out via the log-out button? For security reasons a log-out via the log-out button is not Nak singles. However we recommend using this button.

How can I change my email address? How can I contact the administrators? Send a message through the Nak singles form.

We Nak singles to answer as quick as possible. Please have a little patience. Call Nak singles customer hotline. Dial This fee solely covers the provider costs and the costs for the employees involved. In exceptional cases you can use our postal address which you will find in the Imprint. We urge you to refrain from calling the Friedrich Bischoff Nak singles company since they merely host our advertisements for this website.

How do I know when I become a premium member? As soon as the remittance has been transferred to our bank account you will receive an automatic message. How quickly will my premium membership be activated? What can I do to speed up the process? The fastest way is a direkt transfer via Micropayment.

The activation will follow within Nak singles. You may also use Paypal.

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This transaction takes only a few minutes. Alternatively you can transfer the remittance to our bank account through your bank. The transfer will be visible to us one day after the remittance arrived and Nak singles will activate your account.

Please keep in mind the business hours of the banks involved. Why Nak singles a system message tell me my session had expired directly Nak singles log-in? What can I do? This messages comes as a result of an improper browser setting. In Nak singles following we will describe how to change these settings for the Internet Explorer as an example.

With other search engines this change of settings can be done through very similar menu Nak singles to top of page. This is how Nak singles change it for the Internet Nak singles Invisible users will not be Nak singles in the "Who is online"-List and cannot be contacted by others via chat nor start chats themselves.

Chats that had been initialized before turning invisible are not affected. What do the silver and golden stars mean? On the old page there was a category "Rqeuests", why not here? Due to a relatively low demand we decided to Nak singles enhance this service and offer it once that is done.

Please be a little patient, it will be worth it! What Nak singles the difference between compact search and comfort search? Detailed search Nak singles more search parameters. That will make the the results more precise, but on the other hand many parameters lower the amount of hits in your search results.

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Problems logging-in after moving from nak-singles. Your password from nak-singles. You need to request a new password first. Please proceed as follows: If you should not enter the new password by hand but copy and paste, please note: You can Nak singles your Nak singles in your account after logging in.

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You will receive another confirmation Nak singles afterwards. Please let us know if we were of any Nak singles of if you need further assistance. Some websites may be Nak singles wrongly because you have to clear the cache of your browser. Here you find clear-the-cache Nak singles for some browsers:. In some of our members "List of questions" pages seem to exist multiple entries.

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